MASCA NCG Sydney 2009

Going green

Why is MASCA NSW going green?

In these days of soaring heat waves, global warming, and record pollution, "going green" has become a buzz word we see frequently splashed all over the media. But what exactly does that mean? Does "being green" require you give up all the creature comforts that make up the modern lifestyle? Where does one start? And why should the average person care?

We have all become victims to the consumption driven consumerism that is part of the global epidemic. It's part of our lifestyle. Until recently, that right has not been contested, until it became globally evident that our resources are dwindling and the earth as a whole is becoming affected. The public consciousness has shifted in a very good way towards more of an attitude of conservation and we are beginning to stop and take notice of the fragility of out Planet. Many people are concerned now and realize the full potential of our ability, or even responsibility, to make positive change.

How is MASCA NSW going green?

We pledge to use the knowledge and skills that we have acquired to improve and sustain the natural world and resources around us. We also pledge to minimize the impact of our ecological footprint and promise to take action to fulfill this commitment.

We Pledge to make MASCA NCG 2009 a ‘Green’ event that will contribute to the protection of the environment, We take action by:
  • Reducing carbon emission by making efforts that has an a direct or indirect affect to the carbon emission.
  • Ensuring venue of event is walkable and easily accessible to accommodations of participating members.
  • Reducing paper usage and using recycled or recyclable materials in all our activities.
  • Adopting and E-MASCA NCG by distributing event material by way of electronic
  • Using plates, glasses and utensils that are reusable or sustainable friendly.
  • Minimizing waste in all areas and encouraging recycling during the events and providing recycling bins in all event venues.
  • Ensuring maximum utilization of local resources in all its activities and ensuring a cost-effective event.
  • Reducing power consumption during event by limiting activities to day events and reducing dependency on use of electricity.


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