MASCA NCG Sydney 2009


All delegates of NCG 2009 will be served 3 breakfasts (including the day they leave), 2 packed lunches and 1 packed dinner besides Welcoming BBQ and Malaysian Night.

Welcoming BBQ will be held at University of Technology, Sydney’s (UTS) Alumni Green. All delegates will be guided to the venue and the BBQ will be served there.

For breakfasts, all apartments will be stocked with breakfast resources such as milk, bread, eggs and others and it would be enough for 3 days worth of breakfast. All delegates are encouraged to use the gourmet kitchen to prepare their breakfasts.

For packed lunches, all delegates must assign where their lunches are to be picked up during their registration on arrival. All designated pick up point are around the sports venues. For packed dinner, all delegates have to pick up their dinner from the lobby of the apartments.

Each apartment can send a representative to collect their food. For those attending MASCA National AGM, they have to inform the committee at registration on arrival to have their food sent to the AGM venue.

All food prepared will use 100% Halal meat and will try to suit all delegates according to their special dietary requirement.


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